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Happy Easter sending all from Hamejablue


On Thursday 15.2.2018 were born 6 kiitens, theis parents are russion blue female Ciara Quira Sashti,Cz from breeding cattery Avram.Cz and our russion blue male CH Czar Pyotr von Rhiannon,D. There are very nice and it seems on 3 female and 3 male. We are sending congratulations to the proud parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


On Wednesday were born 4 very nice kittens. Their parents are blue female Vanessa Kahraba Talkha,Cz and our russion blue male Ch Czar Pyotr von Rhiannon, D. We are very proud! Kittnes are placed in a breeding cattery russion blue ctas Vamiron,Cz.