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Elvis Dante Hameja Blue, Cz

Blue - Bri a

Blood type B

father: EC DK Pasht´s Creame-Soda DM, Bri e 22, Denmark
mother: Charlotte Anna von Tischlietz, Bri c

Date of birth: 12.03.2008
The cat is chipped


Coat color test results

The cat is tested on FeLV,FIP, FIV with negative results
PKD - DNA negative
Streptococus Canis - negative

2x EX 1
2 x NOM. BIS
1 x BIV - Best in Variety

males has lila gene
cat is breeding

I offer this male for mating. The female must have all tests mentioned above. We can put up the female in our flat with pleasure. The fee will be settled in the contract.

doesn't leave marking

isn't aggressive